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UFX - a term entering an increasing number of Forex traders' vocabularies - is an online Forex trading platform. If you aren't already using it, you may be missing out. If you are using it and are having some difficulty going about using it to its full potential (which is the case for many) there are eBooks out there aimed and helping you make the most out of your capital. In this case, the eBook in question is entirely free (at least for the time being).

At UFX [read review] visitors are given access to the free eBook in question simply by filling out their email address in the required field (to which the eBook will be sent); doing so will also open a free $10,000 account in which you may practice everything you've learned in the aforementioned eBook, giving you everything you need to succeed in the Forex markets.

Currently, the promotion appears as if it will be running indefinitely, though it's probably best to cash out on this deal as soon as possible, both to kickstart your capital returns and to take advantage of the promotion while we know it's still up for grabs.

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Everyone qualifies for the promotion and gets the same end result - a free eBook and free demo account to prefect the trading strategy you take away from the book. To cash out on the promotion, just head over to UFX [read review] and fill out the required fields consisting of your email address and desired demo account password and you're all set.

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